Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Magic Kingdom Meme

According to Wikipedia, "...the term "Internet meme" (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream") is used to describe a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet."  Many times, I've participated in memes to combat writer's block or to just be part of the cool kids' crowd.  And from time to time, one pops up that's even - gasp - FUN!

So when I ran across this one on MousePlanning, I had to do it.  I'm having serious Disney World withdrawals (specifically Magic Kingdom), so this is helping a bit.  May I present ...

Hilary's Personal Magic Kingdom Quiz

What are your top 3 favorite attractions in each land in the Magic Kingdom (MK)? (note - I picked out my favorite THINGS from each place, not necessarily a ride or attraction.)

Main Street USA:
1. The Fire Chief that comes out at Rope Drop
2. The view of the castle as you enter the park - nothing quite like that feeling
3.  The Emporium, much to my bank account's chagrin

1. It’s a Small World
2. PhilHarMagic
3. Dumbo (I'm a recent convert)

Liberty Square:
1. The Haunted Mansion
2. Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe
3. The Liberty Bell replica (rumor has it that it's from the same mold as the original famous bell)

1. Splash Mountain
2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
3. Briar Patch shop

1. Aloha Isle (must we delve into my Dole Whip psychosis again?)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Magic Carpets of Aladdin 

Tomorrowland (this is my favorite land):
1. Space Mountain
2. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
3. Tomorrowland Speedway (it brings my daughter such joy)

Mickey’s Toontown Fair (my least favorite, due to lines)
1. Minnie’s Country House
2. The WDW Railroad Station
3. The Barnstormer

What are your top 3 favorite MK attractions?
1. Splash Mountain
2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
3. Space Mountain

What are your least favorite MK attractions?
1. Stitch’s Great Escape - this made me want to hurl
2. The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) - Bring the old one back
3. Character visits (particularly Fairies and Princesses), due to lines

What are your favorite “extinct” MK attractions:
1. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
2. Enchanted Tiki Room (original)
3. Storytime with Belle

What is your favorite table service restaurant in MK? 
Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast, prior to park opening.  The walk down an empty Main Street, USA is amazing.  And the food isn't bad either - they really do have the BEST scrambled eggs in the World.  A close second is Crystal Palace - I like the character interactions and the food choices.

What is your favorite counter service restaurant in MK? I have a tie for this one:  Either Casey's Corner, or Cosmic Ray's.  In a close second place to those, I'll say Columbia Harbour House.

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