Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's TRON-tastic!

So. Many moons ago, I fell in love with a little sci-fi flick called TRON.

Now, for the friends and family of a little kid - a GIRL kid - my obsession with this movie was really a brain-bender.  But I loved it.  I couldn't get enough of it ... the movie, the video games, all of it.

So imagine my sheer shrieking squee-ing joy when I heard that TRON: Legacy was being released.  Not just in the theater, oh no.  IN SUPER FABULOUS 3D!


Only one thing could be better than TRON in Super Fabulous 3D.

You guessed it.  Shoes, nerdy gear, and sparkly things.  I guess that makes this a "3-squee" post.  Sorry.  Bad joke.

Anyhow, there's lots of super cool TRON: Legacy merchandise out there.  I have already decided that the XBox controller and/or the WiiMote will be mine.  Oh yes.  They will be mine.

Check out these amazing shoes ($795).

OOOH and the iPod dock shaped like a disc ($249):

Not to be outdone ...a pen to make my meetings just a bit more tolerable ($40.00):


And finally, some really gorgeous earrings ($495):

All photos are courtesy and (c) Disney ... you can find the entire TRON: Legacy collection here.


  1. Wickedly cool shoes...not so cool price :)

  2. I know, right? I'm just wondering if I decided to trade my rent next month for those shoes, if I could maybe possibly get away with it.

    Didn't think so. :(



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