Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frustrated, Incorporated.

I've written several posts from my beloved Droid, but it appears they have not posted.  That's okay, I will just have to re-live our most recent trip as I re-write them.  As a random nerdy-girl aside ... Blogger is a Google product.  My Droid, although made by Motorola, runs Android (another Google product).  So, pray tell, why can't I post properly to my Google blog with my Google phone? 

OK, end of rant.  On to the important stuff.

I'm having a serious case of MTM today.  You know, Missing The Mouse.  I long to relax and people-watch at the International Showcase this afternoon.  The dole whip from Orange Leaf is lovely, but it's not the same as eating it on the Polynesian beach.  And oh, how I'd love to listen to my daughter's delighted squeals while riding Expedition Everest today.

Alas, living in Ohio has certain drawbacks.  And by "certain drawbacks", I mean ... it's not Orlando.

So, I'll have to cure my MTM and re-write my posts.  Sit tight - I have a lot to say.

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