Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm not the real Gossip Cop. I'm more like a Magic 8-Ball.

One thing that's constant is that there are TONS of rumors about Disney out there.  Just like anything else, someone hears from their friend's brother's uncle's ex-wife who is a Disney bus driver ... so it MUST be true!

Props where they're due ... this post was inspired by my friend TinkerKell and her mention of the Test Track rumor.

Here's some current rumors, and my knowledge about their status.

Rumor:  Disney will be controlling their drink fountains and refillable mugs.  No more re-using your old mugs.
Status: TRUE.

As discussed on just about every Disney site and blog earlier this week, the heyday of free soda for all is just about over.  Disney is currently testing RFID-enhanced mugs at All Star Sports Resort.  This process has a long push-handle under the soda dispenser, and an RFID chip in the refillable mug.  It dispenses soda ONLY if a mug or cup purchased at an appropriate time is used. 

This is both a blessing and a curse.  For those of us hardcore rule abiders, I say GOOD.  If I'm paying $15 for another mug every time I go, then everyone should.  No more of this soda theft!

Rumor: The monorails will not work anymore.  They're closing.

Disney has announced on their official blog that monorails will now stop running one hour after regular park closing. This means that if you are an extra magic hours type of person ... you'll have to take a bus, or a boat, or some other means of transportation back to your resort.  There is much debate about the rationale for this move ... some say it's cost cutting, some say it's maintenance ... but the bottom line is that you'll need to carefully plan transportation if you're staying after EMH.

Rumor: Brazil will be the next country added to Epcot's World Showcase.
Status:  MAYBE.

Disney has always had a pretty cozy relationship with the (in)famous Brazilian Tour Groups.  Whether you've been around them, seen them in line around you, or have run the other way when you hear them cheering ... they're a factor at Disney.  Brazilian culture is complex, beautiful, and FUN.  So this makes a great addition to the WS, if they do it.

Watch the D23 Expo ... I bet you'll see some big reveals!

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