Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Dear Fellow DisNerds:

Well, hello there. It sure has been a while.  Sorry I haven't written much lately, but life has kinda happened.  Between finishing my first MBA course with a 98.3%, Christmakwanzakkuh, New Year's, and a whole lot of other things ... life's been busy.  But I realized one thing - I miss writing about my favorite place on the planet.

I'm getting ready to book my trip for 2011.  Of course, we'll be staying at the Polynesian again in late September/early October.  We get the best of both worlds, spanning months ... the annual Free Dining discount (allegedly, it hasn't been released yet), and the kickoff of the Food And Wine Festival.

And boy, do I like the Food And Wine Festival. 

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