Sunday, December 5, 2010

ESPN: The Weekend

My Panda and I are huge sports fans.  And I may or may not have a schoolgirl-like crush on Mike Golic (of Mike And Mike In The Morning fame).  So, the opportunity to mix two of my favorite things (sports and Disney) is really appealing.

At this year's ESPN: The Weekend, I'd have the opportunity to actually stalk meet Golic face-to-face.  Of course, this will require me to actually get out of bed at a relatively early hour (when one fine female is usually just getting to bed), and to stand in line to get a table.  I'd also have to decide what's most important: Golic, or rope drop?

Also - if I get to the radio show's broadcast at oh-dark-thirty, will I have to stay the whole time?  I'd honestly want to get in, get my hero-worship completed, squick out my husband, and give up my table / seat to another fan in line.  I really don't need to stay for the entire show, merely just long enough to not get arrested for trespass / stalking / other inconvenient misdemeanor offenses.

Also scheduled to appear is Chad Ochocinco.  I've been a fan of his for a while now, and would actually enjoy stalking meeting him as well.  If Jared Allen ends up being scheduled to appear, I may be forced to move in to the Polynesian (or the Yacht / Beach Club, as I hear that most of the talent stays there) to catch him too. 

So, in case anyone has been keeping score, we're planning a Christmas trip next year.  And this trip in March ... so that means we'll be at The World twice next year, minimum.  WIN.

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  1. Ochocinco doesn't seem to be having such a great year, unfortunately. Pretty awesome that you got to meet Mike though ^_^



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